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Local people from Dunbar, North Berwick, Haddington, and the rest of East Lothian regularly visit the gallery and we also often meet people from further afield. Regardless of where our customers hail from, we are always fascinated by the stories they bring with them. Whether these stories stem from beloved art pieces brought in to be framed, or work that our customers have created themselves, these stories of sentiment never fail to leave a smile on our faces. We are excited to be able to share some stories with you through this blog about our Dunbar Gallery.

In addition to this, any information about upcoming exhibitions will be included, as well as some exclusive previews and behind-the-scene escapades that go into running a contemporary art gallery. This space will also host interviews with artists featured in future exhibitions, hopefully allowing for deeper insight into the process, inspiration and intentions behind their work. As the longest standing Dunbar picture framers we hope the stories we have collected over the years will make you smile.

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