The Day Peter Brown Came to our Gallery

Whilst you may often hear us say that a frame can completely transform any piece of art, not every piece that comes through the doors of our gallery will necessarily need a bespoke frame. An instance of this occurred on a recent Thursday afternoon, when a fellow local of Dunbar placed a large, framed collage of photos from his life on our desk. We were immediately fascinated with the intimacy of this piece, as he explained that the framed collage had unfortunately been damaged and required re-glazing.

On this note, many customers will enquire regarding the services we offer, with a common assumption being that framing is only offered as a complete service. However, we are also happy to offer services from any specific stage in the framing process (such as re-glazing, re-mounting and replacing mouldings, as well as art restoration).

Re-glazing service offered in Coast Art Gallery, Dunbar

(The collage, removed from frame prior to glazing)

As we inspected the images we noticed a young rugby player, and our dear customer introduced himself as Peter Brown. To offer some context to any sports enthusiasts, Peter Brown is a former Scotland international rugby union player, as well as a previous captain to the Scotland rugby team, leading his team to victory in the Calcutta Cup three times.

Whilst his rugby union days are behind him, this particularly personal piece beautifully documents the era, as well as offering a glimpse into the more personal side of his life.

We took a few minutes to marvel over the memories portrayed whilst re-securing the frame and were particularly drawn to the following pictures...

Whilst this was a very quick job to complete, the days in which we reunite such sentimental pieces with their owners typically prove the most rewarding!

Re-glazing and bespoke framing services, Coast Art Gallery, Dunbar

(The collage restored to its former glory having been re-glazed)

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