Introducing Our Upcoming Exhibition

We are very excited to introduce our upcoming exhibition, ‘Daughters of the Sea’. Commencing on the 24th July 2021, we will be headlining two prominent Scottish artists, Jackie Henderson and Rosanne Barr. The exhibition will showcase the contrast in styles of the two artists and will centre around the common theme of sea. Ending on the 18th of September, the show will run for eight weeks.

Jackie Henderson is known for her signature depictions of enchanting characters and animals in tranquil landscapes. A graduate of Contemporary Art Practice, Henderson finds much of her inspiration from her immediate environment. Having recently relocated to Dunbar, she has found this has affected her creative direction and these developments in her work will prominently feature in the new collection that she has cultivated for this exhibition.

Rosanne Barr, enamoured by the works of Joan Eardley from an early age, developed a strong love for Eardley’s landscapes. Originally adopting an abstract approach to her creation, Barr has introduced more realism into her works over the last decade. This leads us to the overall intent of her paintings, transporting the viewer to the scenes that she holds dearly whilst also allowing space to interpret their locations.

“A love of Joan Eardley’s work is a huge influence on Barr’s working practise - both consciously and unconsciously. This is exemplified by the dynamic and confident brushwork that we see across both Barr and Eardley’s paintings.

Jackie Henderson grew up near Eardley’s Catterline house, the expanse of Scottish sea and sky that Eardley depicted is also the context of Henderson’s pieces. Think of large blooms of grey clouds, wild seas, and crisp winds.

The contrast between the artist’s work is immediate and our hope for the exhibition is that the viewer will form an appreciation for these ties, as well as the distinct style of each artist in their own right.”

-Carol Kelly, Gallery Director

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