Carol Kelly Art

Carol Kelly Art

Kelly's work stems from some of her experiences in ballet, the process of practise and work before; the culmination into something wonderful. The initial process is that of impasto paint and primer, placed in a manner both haphazard and poised- this is the routine of repetition and overcoming, producing beauty in the end.

Ballet is all about clean lines and seemingly effortless movement, making the labour immaterial. Behind this is the power of muscularity- practice becoming painstaking and tying everything together at the end to create the pristine. This practice reflects in her paintings too.

Working with oil on board, the works have traditional means and subjects but transcend their primordial origins. Their smudged, smeared areas of rough form appear and disappear as your eye drifts over the ostensibly 'pretty' subject matter. The appearance of sturdy robust strokes turn into fragile delicate wisps the more you look.

Carol Kelly lives and works in East Lothian.

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