Janet Mccrorie


Janet McCrorie is a figurative artist with a keen interest in depicting movement. Her artistic style describes the shapes made by the body in action and encourages the eye to move around the painting. Her main subject is Scottish dancing.

Using mixed media allows Janet the variety of marks required to depict the action in a particular dance or sport. The movement of the fabric and the unique look of the tartan is also best depicted in this medium.

By identifying the familiar characteristics of body movement in certain activities, Janet's aim is to invoke both a recognition of this and a sense of pride and nostalgia in these events.

Her paintings can be seen in many galleries throughout Scotland and have been sold internationally. She is regularly commissioned for paintings with a specific tartan and for wedding paintings. Her paintings have been used by St Columba's hospice for cards and calendars and by the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society for cards and to illustrate their annual review.